Calabrese understood exactly what we needed. The SPAC timeline is extremely sensitive, and because of their team, we never missed a deadline.

Calabrese Consulting is an international Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) advisory firm. With extensive experience on both the shareholder and auditor side, we are able to move with speed and accuracy to deliver a tailored experience from initial public offering (IPO) to merger completion.


We aren’t your
normal SPAC firm.

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Deep Expertise

With years of experience in the SPAC arena, we understand the complexities of what you’re facing and deliver peace-of-mind.

Dual Perspective

Our personal knowledge of the unique needs of auditors and clients has positioned us as valued advisors for all entities.

Streamlined Process

Our tried and tested methodology delivers unprecedented accuracy and efficiency when dealing with accelerated SPAC requirements.

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We are the guidebook.
From SPAC registration,
to IPO, to target acquisition.

01 SPAC Registration

Precision handling of the accelerated timeline when registering your SPAC with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

02 Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Expert accounting and reporting preparation as your SPAC moves to go public.

03 Accounting Until Acquisition

Continued quarterly and annual statements and support until a target company is acquired.

04 Your Next SPAC

We will be ready and waiting when you’re ready to start your next SPAC.


We are your external
accounting department.

our services include:
  • Audit Documentation Preparation
  • Complete Bookkeeping Services
  • Assistance with SEC Comment Letters
  • Assistance with SEC Registration Statement Filing
  • Quarterly and Annual Financial Reporting
  • One-on-one Accounting Consultation
  • XBRL Compliance Review
  • Ongoing Financial Reporting
  • Auditor Communication Liaison

Decades of experience
from experts in the field.

At Calabrese, we have devoted our professional lives to the furtherance of knowledge when it comes to SPACs. We have chosen this field because each person is singularly qualified to navigate this arena. On top of all that, we happen to love what we do!


Let’s talk.

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Let us streamline your SPAC process.

We have mastered the technique when dealing with the precise SPAC timeline. Now let us take the burden off of you.


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